Liz Verrall - CEO

Introducing CEO Liz Verrall. Liz tells us about her hobbies and her journey in Football

Ever since finishing my degree at Manchester University, I have been involved in Sport, specifically in Sports Development; I held various roles ranging from a sports assistant on summer coaching programmes to now being the CEO of the 7th largest County Football Association in the Country.  I started in Football as a Girls & Women’s Football Development Officer, before taking on the role of a generic Football Development Officer, both for Oxfordshire FA. I took the plunge to move across the border to Berks & Bucks FA as County Development Manager. 8 years later I stepped up to the position I hold now.

In my spare time, I am active, I love running, I think it is the space that you get to think while pounding the pavement, and the personal challenges that you set yourself.  You start out running trying to beat someone’s time, and you end up understanding that the challenge is a personal one, to take a few seconds of a timed run, to push yourself a little further on to the next challenge.

I am quite a competitive person, especially when it comes to team sports. I played football from a very young age, but turned to basketball when I moved to an International School in Germany. I still play basketball today, for a local team. Nothing beats the feeling of playing in a team, regardless of what sport it is, and working together.

I have now retired from Football; I have been a referee, coach, Secretary, Chairman and Welfare Officer for my local club, so I know first hand what it is like to be involved in voluntary sport.

I remember one bit of advice that my dad gave me before I went off to University, he said “Play hard but don’t take your eye off the ball” little did he or I know at the time that I would end up in a role that would combine my passion for football in a full time role.  I feel so privileged and proud to have made a career out of sport, and it is great to get up in the morning not knowing what is going to come in that day, it keeps it interesting, challenging yes, but enjoyable none the less.

So here is a confession, I am from the South of England and yes, I am a Manchester United supporter. I have followed the team for most of my life, I don’t know why I started supporting the team who knows and actually who cares how you become a supporter or why. It is a personal allegiance and a personal preference

Anyway, this is just a little introduction to who I am, please feel free to make contact if you have an idea or feedback for Berks & Bucks FA.