Douai Park Recreation Association- New Pavilion

A weekend of celebration culminated in the opening of the new pavilion at Douai Park. Sunday 4th June 2017 saw Showaddywaddy headline the music evening event, then on Sunday the pavilion was officially opened by MP Richard Benyon during the Douai Fun Day.

The opening of the pavilion is a dream come true for all the people who have contributed in raising the money and undertaken a massive amount of work over the past five years. With a ninety nine year lease from Douai Abbey the pavilion guarantees sport being played at the Park for hopefully one hundred years. The old pavilion was a war memorial for Douai pupils who died in the First World War and the Douai Society is recognising this in the new pavilion and will have an exhibition of school memorabilia.

The local community have been very generous with donations and these were added to by The Douai Society, Sport England, Football Foundation, Greenham Common Trust, Veolia, Grundon and other trust funds.

This wonderful new Douai Pavilion is now available for use with sport taking priority but the new community room can used for weddings, corporate training or other events.

Please contact Douai Park Recreation Association through the website:

In the photograph are:

MP Richard Benyon

Two trustees of Douai Park charity – Richard Morris and David Howe

Hazelgrove (contractors for the build) – Simon Richmond-Knight

Ex-Douai pupils representing Douai Society the users of the old pavilion – John Wills, Crispin Maunder and Chris Vale.

The future users, the young people  representing the founder members of the Association, Elstree School, Woolhampton School, Thatcham Tornadoes, Woolhampton Cricket and Douai Park Tennis Club- Monty Robinson, Josef Sutton, Edward Hewlett, Oscar Brown, Torren Raphael, Isabelle Colbourne, Sophie McNey and Rylan Akers