Safeguarding children is everyone's responsibility and The FA has a simple, easy to understand three part approach to make sure that children are able to take part in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment.

These are:

Getting the right people involved - carrying out references and CRC checks
Creating a safe environment - Codes of Conduct, education and Best Practice
Promoting clear systems  - Policies and procedures in place within a club and concerns are dealt with quickly to deal with any concerns, policy and procedures

Getting The Right People Involved
Do all new volunteers within your Club complete a volunteer application form and complete a Criminal Records Check BEFORE they become involved with the children?
Is your Welfare Officer notified when you have appointed a new Coach, Manager or Assistant Manager within your Club?

Creating A Safe Environment
Have all your Managers, Coaches and Assistant Managers in your club completed a minimum Level 1 Coaching Course and attended a Safeguarding Children Workshop?

Promoting Clear Systems To Deal With Any Concerns, Policy and Procedures
Does everyone (Players/Parents/Managers/Coaches etc) know who your Club Welfare Officer is?
Are the Club Welfare Officer's contact details circulated and displayed so everyone has access to support, discuss or report concerns quickly?

If you have answered yes to all the above questions then give yourself a pat on the back – your club are following the correct FA Policies and Procedures to keep all their youngsters safe.

For Best Practice downloads Click Here: FA Best Practice

Welfare Officers and Club Registration for Criminal Record Checks
If you are a Club Welfare Officer and would like to register to use this service, please send an email to – you will receive a Club Registration Form which you will need to complete and return to Once this is received access to the online service will be created for your club. You will receive two emails – one will confirm your personal login details needed to activate your account as a verifier, the other will provide all the information you require to check your club members. Please note these details are unique to your club registration and should be retained for future reference. Once your club has been registered you will receive an FA CRC Online Club Guidance email confirming your club access details with an FA CRC Online Club Applicant Guidance attachment detailing application instructions for your club members.

CRC Video Guides
The FA have produced some useful video resources taking you through, step-by-step, the CRC process. Watch the following four videos to understand the process. 
Read more at (link to videos)

Video 1 - Club Registration

Video 2 - Making an Application

Video 3 - The Verification Process

Video 4 - Checking the Status of your Applicants

Further Assistance
There is a wealth of further information and downloadable documents on The FA’s Website. You can also contact The FA’s CRC unit for guidance via: 0845 2108080 or email: