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The Wildcats initiative was first launched in 2017 to help inspire girls aged between 5-11 to get involved in football.

Wildcats Girls’ Football Clubs provide girls with regular opportunities to play football and take part in organised sessions in a fun and engaging environment created exclusively for girls. 200 clubs were established across England throughout the spring and summer of 2017 and in 2018 this grew to 878 centres nationally.

Wildcats Girls’ Football sessions take place on a weekly basis, either after school or at weekends, and provide a safe environment where girls can try football for the first time.

The initiative aims to inspire participants to engage with football, meet new friends, develop fundamental skills, learn new things and create the foundation for a lifelong love of football.

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Now, in 2019, we are delighted to welcome over 45 independent Wildcats Centres across the region who are organised by local clubs, schools and sports organisations.

Take a look below to find your nearest centre & the contact details. Alternatively, you can use the Find Football Near You search engine at the bottom of this page, or get in touch with us on the contact details listed below so that we can direct you towards you nearest centre.

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Become a wildcats centre

The window for clubs to apply to become a Wildcats Centre in 2020 is now OPEN.

As of Tuesday 19th November 2019 the application window for new clubs to become Wildcats Centres has been open and we are now actively on the lookout for clubs, organisations and schools who want to be part of the program launching in April 2020.

Last season we helped support 45 centres across the Berks & Bucks region and we are excited to grow this program and provide further opportunities for girls to play football for the first time.

Each new centre will receive £900 funding towards making their sessions sustainable, as well as start-up equipment, promotional materials and FA mentor support & training. The program comes with it’s own syllabus so coaches and clubs can ensure they create the right environment for the ‘beginner girl’. 


An Application Guidance Document for becoming a new centre is now available online. Please click here to view the guidance and use this to help with your application.

To apply for the program please complete the online application form using the below link:


Frequently asked questions about Wildcats

Yes, absolutely! When making contact with the centre let them know that she may be a little shy and they will make sure she is welcomed from the second she arrives. Most centres also offer a free trial session to make sure the girls feel comfortable before committing to coming back.

Any clothes that are comfortable for your child to wear will be suitable, as long as they can run around and have fun! We also recommend checking with the centre what surface the session is on and whether it’s indoors or outdoors so you can plan accordingly. 

The price of sessions varies and is dependent based on running costs. Most sessions are either free or charge £2-3 per session. 

No, they are simply weekly sessions to provide an opportunity for girls to learn and develop their skills. All centres have links with local grassroots clubs and also have the opportunity to take part in organised festivals with other centres to give the girls their first taste of competitive matches.

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