Dannys Coaching Corner- Update 8

In this update Danny discusses the summer break, what should your players be doing during the summer? What can you the coach be doing other then...

I hope that you have enjoyed this season, and it has been a rewarding year for yourself and your players.

With the end of season fast approaching, have you thought about what your players can do in the off season to continue their development across the Four Corners?

Many skills developed in sports outside of football can be transferred across. Whether it be swimming, gymnastics, tennis or others! They all support FUNdamental development in our players.

Encourage your players to use the time off from football to experience other sports and have FUN! Research in to early specialization (focusing on one sport from a young age) has found that is hinders long term athlete development, hurts skill development, leads to burnout and quitting sport altogether. 

Social Football
Jumpers for goalposts! This one you may not need to encourage in your players. They will all most likely have a football and like to play with their friends – anything to get them off their computers games!

Social Activities
Are your players members of a club (i.e. Scouts)? These clubs can be fantastic environments for social interaction, and development of teamwork.
Can your players get involved in a project with their parents or friends? Such as building a tree house or participating in an art project? This can lead to enhanced creativity and independence in your players.

As your players are enjoying their summer break, what will you be doing with all of those weeks off of football?

Other than recharging your batteries before another long season, you may want to do some further reading to develop your knowledge. Why not read a book from the below list? 

  • The Carolina Way: Leadership lessons from a life in coaching – Dean Smith
  • Das Reboot – Raphael Honigstein
  • Bounce – Matthew Syed
  • Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell
  • What sport tells us about life – Ed Smith
  • Mindset – Carol Dweck
  • Athlete Centred Coaching – Lynn Kidman
  • Legacy – James Kerr

You may also wish to attend one of our CPD events at BBFA to brush up on some areas, and gain some CPD hours. To find our events and book on, click here https://eventspace.thefa.com/berks-bucksfa/participant/s.aspx?eventlen=55 and type ‘falcc’ into the search bar.

I hope you all have a great end to the season, and a lovely break.


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