2017-18 Season Regulation Changes For Clubs at Step 5 and Below

The Football Association will be introducing a number of changes to the regulations for all clubs operating at Step 5 and below during the 2017-18...

The key changes will include:-
- Separation of FA and County FA Offences - all suspensions imposed by a County FA will not affect a participant at Step 4 and above unless dispensation has been given by The FA for the suspension to cover all levels of the game.  
- Suspension start dates - automatic suspensions will commence seven days from the date of the offence.
- Late payment and response update – information regarding fines and potential suspensions. 
- County FA discipline commissions – changes to the personnel and qualifications required to sit on discipline commissions.
- Appealing a County FA decision – all decisions found proven can now be appealed by the participant.
- Mandatory minimum sanctions – suspensions for assaults, physical contact or threatening match officials.
- Serious offences and suspensions – automatic suspensions for all football and football related activity across County and potentially national levels.
- Football debt recovery – A review of FDR procedures.
- General updates.
For further information on all these matters, please download the Summary of Regulation Amendments from the documents below. The 2017-18 Discipline Handbook, which will contain information on both these changes as well as existing regulations, will be available shortly.

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