CRC Updates

Berks & Bucks FA have devised some guidance notes about CRC checks, which can help guide you through the CRC process, for both FA Disclosures and Non-FA Disclosures.

How does this work?

Since June 2013 the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Update Service lets applicants keep their DBS certificates up to date online and allows employers to check a certificate online, meaning they may never have to apply for a new criminal records check.

To use the DBS Update Service for your role with The FA you must have:

  • Applied for the Criminal Records Check (CRC) with The FA CRB after 17 June 2013
  • Registered the Disclosure Certificate with the DBS Update Service by creating an online account on paying the annual subscription of £13 (free for volunteers)

For non-FA Disclosures: The Criminal Records Disclosure Certificate you wish to port to The FA MUST exactly match the requirements of the role within The FA. For the majority of roles within The FA this will be an Enhanced level check with a check against the DBS Children’s Barred List with ‘Child Workforce’ detailed within the position applied for.

 Please note: Disclosures initially sought for volunteer roles cannot be ported for a non-volunteer role.

Can I renew my FA CRC automatically?

Yes, you can now have life-time renewals of your FA CRC which means you will not need to reapply every three years.

To take advantage of this you will need to:

  • Register your CRC with The Disclosure and Barring Service ( DBS) within 19 days of issue
  • Complete a consent form authorising The FA to carry out annual status checks
  • Inform The FA Criminal Records Body who administer the checks, enclosing a signed copy of the consent form or email a scanned copy to

Once registered for this service, The FACRB will make annual checks on your CRC status for as long as you remain in football.

How do I port my Non-FA Disclosure?

Once the above has been confirmed, please send the following documentation to:

FACRB, 1 Wilford Business Park, Ruddington Lane, Nottingham, NG11 7EP

  • Original Disclosure Certificate
  • Certified copies of 3 pieces of ID (passport, Driving Licence, Utility Bill). Click Here for alternative forms of ID or see DBS guidance at
  • Consent form authorising The FA to carry out annual status checks
  • Cheque for £20 made payable to FACRB (£10 administration fee for initial porting and return of disclosure certificate plus £10 administration fee to cover ‘lifetime’ Criminal Records Status Checks)

ID checking for Non-FA Disclosures – how does this work?

The Post Office offers a document certification service at a cost of £8.751 using form P6582. Further information can be found at To find a Post Office near you that offers this service look for the ‘ID checking Service’ on Branch Finder.

Can I have my ID verified by a CWO or CFA PIN verifier?

For the purposes of the Update Service only Post Office certified ID is acceptable.


FA Disclosure: £10

Non-FA Disclosure: £28.75 to port it from another organisation.

What happens next?

  • FACRB will validate the Disclosure record and liaise with applicant where further information is required.
  • FACRB will update The FA’s records accordingly and schedule the Disclosure for annual status checks.
  • The original Disclosure Certificate will be returned to the applicant for safe keeping (Applicable to Non-FA Disclosures ONLY). 

Please Note:

- For referees, CRC’s can take up to 60 days to come through. You CANNOT register as referee until your CRC is obtained, unless you are refereeing Adult football only.
- After 1st of September, everyone who is going to be coaching or volunteering with a club with have to have a CRC check.

For more information on the CRC check process, please see the documents below.

If you want to see a list of arranged dates on offer for CRC verifications, please click HERE.