Student Volunteering

Berks and Bucks FA are actively looking for students to volunteer in our local clubs

As a student, volunteering in a local football club can be very rewarding, not only do you feel like you are giving something back to the local community, you are also able to develop your own skills and experiences to aid your career. Local football clubs are a great place to do this as you get to see the real impacts your work is having on the club. The FA have recently launched the "Growing your Club" initiative giving grassroots clubs a chance to see what other clubs have done successfully. As a volunteer you will be able to put your own spin on these types of initiatives.  

What will you do as a volunteer?
The simple answer to this is anything, as long as it is agreed with the club of course! You may want to get involved with coaching at training or on a match day. Clubs within the non-league pyramid are very dependent on supporters coming to watch matches, so anything to do with marketing and advertising is important to them. Could you approach local businesses for sponsorship or an offer of a partnership?

How long do I need to volunteer for?
You can volunteer for as long as you want to, you will not be tied in for a set period of time. However the longer you volunteer for the more of an impact you will have on the club.

How do I find a Club?
Berks and Bucks FA will find a club for you based on your location and help build a relationship between club and volunteer. It is important that travel distance does not take up too much of the volunteers time.

Why should you Volunteer?
This opportunity gives you the chance to contribute something of substance, instead of making the tea at a larger organisation you will actually lead on projects, putting theory into practice. This opportunity allows you to gain experience in different areas of work, you might want to focus on a website first before asking businesses for sponsorship. You will get to measure the outcomes of what you have implemented. Can your ideas raise the average attendance? How much can you raise in sponsorship? All this is brilliant for your CV. Volunteering is a great way to network and make contacts in all professions (Directors/CEO's), these people can then help you.  

More information can be found in the presentation below or alternatively please contact