Throughout the year, especially during the summer, organisations hold festivals and tournaments. These are held all over the County.

In accordance with F.A Rules and Regulations all 'one-off' or small sided competitions must be sanctioned by the local County F.A.

All teams competing in sanctioned events must be affiliated to a County FA.

Any tournaments found on this page have been sanctioned by the County FA.


Benefits of Sanction include:

- Free advertising of your event on this site

- Your event will be covered by your Public Liability Insurance (please confirm this)

- Access to BBFA registered referees

- Any discipline matter which may occur will be dealt with here at county office

To sanction your tournament please see the Tournament Sanction Pack document below


If you need any help or advice please


See Sanctioned tournaments below:     

Abingdon Youth                       May 20th/21st                                 Contact
(U7-U15 Mixed, U13 & U14 Girls)

Thatcham & Newbury Ladies     May 20th                                        Contact
(U8-U16 Girls)

City Colts                                May 27th/28th                                Contact
(U7-U14 Mixed)

St Edmunds                             June 3rd                                        Contact
(U7, U9-U11 Mixed)

MK Wanderers                         June 3rd/4th                                   Contact
(U7-U15 Mixed)

Radley Youth                           June 3rd/4th                                   Contact
(U7-U14 Mixed)

Windsor Youth                         June 3rd/4th                                   Contact
(U7-U16 Mixed, U13 & U15 Girls)

Woodley United                       June 3rd/4th                                   Contact
(U-U18 Mixed, Adults)

Thatcham Tornadoes- Girls       June 4th                                         Contact
(U8-U11, U14 Girls)

Bourne End Junior Sports Club  June 10th                                       Contact
(U7-U15 Mixed)

Ashridge Park                         June 10th/11th                                Contact
(U7-U18 Mixed, Men)

Burghfield                               June 10th/11th                                Contact
(U7-U18 Mixed, Mens)

Delaford Colts                         June 10th/11th                                Contact
(U7-U12 Mixed)

Harwell & Hendred Youth          June 10th/11th                                Contact
(U7-U16 Mixed)

Marish Wizards                        June 10th/11th                                Contact

Tilehurst Panthers Girls            June 10th/11th                                 Contact
(U8-U16 Girls, Ladies)

Aylesbury United Juniors         June 17th/18th                                 Contact
(U7-U18 Mixed, U9-U16 Girls and Ladies)

Woodley Saints                       June 17th/18th                                Contact
(U7-U16 Mixed, Walking Football)

Hanney Youth                         June 24th                                        Contact
(U7-U11 & U14)

Moretonville Juniors                 June 24th/25th                                Contact
(U7-U16 Mixed, U10-U16 Girls)

Newport Pagnell Town              June 24th/25th                                Contact
(U7-U16 Mixed)

Westwood Wanderers              June 24th/25th                                Contact
(U7-U16 Mixed, U10, U14, U15 Girls)

Maidenhead Boys & Girls          July 1st/2nd                                    Contact
(U7-U18 Mixed)

Eldon Celtic Juniors                 July 2nd/8th/9th                              Contact
(U7-U16 Mixed)

Kennington Athletic                  July 8th/9th                                    Contact
(U7-U10 Mixed)

Barton Rovers                         July 15th/16th                                Contact
(U7-U16 Mixed, U10/11, U12/13, U14/15 Girls, Ladies, Mixed Walking Football)

Widmer End United JFC            July 15th/16th                                 Contact
(U7-U16 Mixed)

FAB Academy                         August 26th/27th                             Contact
(U7-U16 Mixed)

Wantage Town Boys & Girls      August 26th/27th                            Contact
(U7-U15 Mixed, U9, U10, U11, U13 & U16 Girls)

Tattenhoe                               September 2nd                               Contact
(U7-U15 & U17 Mixed, U12/13 & U16/17 Girls)